June 08

Patent Congress-2021
First time in Russia

June 08
Patent Congress-2021
First time in Russia
The Patent Congress will bring together Russian and foreign experts in the field of patent law.
During the work of the Congress, it is proposed to discuss a wide range of issues on the most pressing topics, including patenting of inventions in IT sphere and in the field of pharmaceuticals, case law trends in disputes on validity of patents and on violation of exclusive rights, creation of IP ecosystems for the purpose of effective management of exclusive rights.

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Russian national group AIPPI brings together leading Russian specialists in the field of intellectual property (IP) law. The group members are representatives of science and practice, including Russian and Eurasian patent attorneys, lawyers, corporate lawyers.
Along with the Russian national group, AIPPI includes 67 national and 2 regional groups, whose activities are aimed at developing IP law at national, regional and international levels.
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Vladimir Biryulin
Partner at Gorodissky and partners, patent attorney
Qin Yuanming
Level II Senior Judge of the Third Civil Tribunal of the Supreme People's Court of China (SPC), research fellow of the Research Centre for Judicial Protection of IP of the SPC
Dr. Guillaume Henry
Attorney at Law (Paris bar), assistant to the Reporter General of AIPPI

Casey Kniser
Director of US Litigation, ESPE Legal Consultancy
Kamila Blagopoluchnaya
Counsel at InfoWatch, patent attorney
Mariia Bogomolova
manager of Intellectual Property, SIBUR
Viktoria Galkovskaya
Deputy Head of the Department for the Organization of the Provision of State Services of the Federal Service for IP (Rospatent)
Pavel German
Director General at INTELS, patent attorney
Dmitry Gudilin
Chief Expert of the Department of Mechanics, Physics and Electrical Engineering of the EAPO
Alexey Zalesov
Managing partner at A. Zalesov & Partners, patent attorney of the Russian Federation, eurasian patent attorney, Ph.D.
Andrey Inshakov
Head of patent department at YANDEX
Alexey Korsunsky
Head of patent group at ABBYY
Svetlana Krupko
Nikolay Lyskov
Head of the department "Chemistry, Biotechnology and Medicine" FSBI FIPS
Dmitry Markanov
Managing partner at PATENTUS, patent attorney
Alexey Mikhailov
Head of patents at PATENTUS, patent attorney, eurasian patent attorney
Irina Ozolina
Senior partner at A.Zalesov and partners, patent attorney, eurasian patent attorney
Darya Poltavets
Senior expert of IP department, NIOST - SIBUR's R&D Center
Daria Rubailo
Chief Expert of the department of chemistry and medicine of the EAPO examination department
Pavel Ryzhkov
Head of patents at Valenta Pharm PJSC, patent attorney
George Sudars
Head of Patent department Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, patent attorney, eurasian patent attorney
Mikhail Salnikov
Head of the Department of Physics and Applied Mechanics of the Federal State Budgetary Institution FIPS
Maxim Chernyaev
Senior counsel at Sberbank PJSC
Block 1
9:30 - 12:00 Moscow time
Patenting inventions | Actual problems

Topic 1. Patenting of inventions in the IT sphere
For discussion:
  • Approaches of patent offices to patenting technical solutions in the field of computer technology;
  • Disclosure of an IT solution in a patent application. What is the danger?
  • Patenting of technical solutions based on the use of artificial intelligence;
  • Writing a single patent application for Russia and the United States.

Topic 2.
Patenting inventions in the field of pharmaceuticals
    12:00 - 12:05 Moscow time
    Block 2
    12:05 - 13:35 Moscow time
    Disputes over the validity of patents

    For discussion:
    • Sufficiency of disclosure as a basis for invalidation of a patent;
    • Unconfirmed technical result - strength or weakness of the granted patent?
    • The problem of the extent to which unpublished applications are included in the prior art to determine novelty;
    • Double patenting: whether only identical independent claims protect identical inventions;
    • Signs that were absent in the original application materials: problems and solutions.
    13:35- 13:40 Moscow time
    Block 3
    13:40 - 15:20 Moscow time
    Disputes on infringement of exclusive rights protected by a patent

    For discussion:
    • The practice of Russian courts: an overview of cases;
    • Losses as a measure of liability for violation of the exclusive right protected by a patent: significant factors and principles of calculation;
    • Interim measures. Injunctions;
    • Non-violation claims.

      15:20 - 15:25 Moscow time
      Block 4
      15:25 - 16:55 Moscow time
      Exclusive Rights Management (IP Ecosystem)

      For discussion:
      • Service inventions;
      • Features of registration and taxation of exclusive rights. Russian and foreign experience;
      • Contracts. Collateral and franchises.


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